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FLIGHT a group show


show runs April 4th thru May 17th, 2009

Solid Gallery One proudly hosts "FLIGHT", a group show inspired by all things that take to the sky- from birds to bombers! This show will feature an incredible lineup of artists whose talents range from street art and tattooing, to painting, sculpture and photography. Please join us on Saturday, April 4th as we present the works of Scott Glazier, Vyal, Max Neutra, Mers, Paul Torres, Big5, Wink, 2Shae, Johnny Vampotna, Manny B, Soulgr, Dethkills, Robert Hendrickson, Ant, Clown, Selenia Rios, Nick Hawthorne, Josh Duffy, Shiver, Jonathan Baker, Douglas Alvarez, Shannon Drake, Robin Perine, Justin Lewis, Quecke, Gordo, Jarrett DeMartino, Patrick Haemmerlein and more...


Admission: FREE

Drinks are complimentary 21+ w/ID



334 N. Fairfax Ave. (just north of Beverly Blvd.), Los Angeles, CA 90036


PARKING: Arrow Parking lot directly across the street

COST: $5 flat rate after 4PM/ Free after 9PM

(or street parking)


-The designer of *MRS. FIVE CLOTHING* will also be presenting her new line of Los Angeles lifestyle inspired tees!


interested buyers please contact
334 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036: map
tel: 323.939.3003


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