ENVIRONOMY: a Series of Paintings by SCOTT GLAZIER


Scott Glazier is a Los Angeles based artist specializing in capturing the anatomy, movement and energy of the human figure. A firm believer in learning through experience, Glazier’s artistic training is a result of his work as a figure model at such institutes as Art Center College of Design, Otis School of Design, the Art Institute of Chicago and Art Students League of New York, to name a few. Glazier credits his love of sailing with much of his artistic inspiration, likening the movement within his work to the energy and wind harnessed by a ship’s sails. His heavy handed line drawings and oil portraits exemplify this mentality, particularly within Glazier’s latest collection, Environomy.

Having created the thirteen-piece collection nearly four years ago, L.A. based artist Scott Glazier is discovering an even deeper social relevance to his ENVIRONOMY works.

Glazier was initially inspired by his experiences traveling to locations that drastically differed both geographically and culturally. Raised in a suburb of Chicago, having backpacked through the West Indies, embarked on numerous solo-sailing excursions and calling Los Angeles home, Glazier is astutely aware of the clash between humanity’s economic aspirations and their affect on our surrounding natural environment. Thus, Environomy was born.



“To me, this series is just a simple statement to portray a message,” says Glazier. “I don’t bitch and complain about gas prices or discuss global warming, I just sell my car, get on a bike, avoid consuming and paint about it.”

The collection ranges in size from 6 ft. x 4 ft. to 12” x 13”. Medium is oil and mixed media on canvas, aluminum, copper and steel.

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