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Jarrett's Tattoo Schedule:
Tues.-Sat.: noon-8PM, Mon.: noon-4PM
To book a tattoo appointment with Jarrett DeMartino:
call: 323.939.3003/ email:

Jarrett DeMartino is an award winning artist who has been tattooing professionally for fifteen years based in New York City and Los Angeles. He was raised on Long Island, heavy metal, and skateboarding. While earning his BFA at School of Visual Arts in NYC, he apprenticed under Bayoan "Bee" Cortes. After tattooing in NY for several years, Jarrett relocated to Southern Califonia where he managed Jason Brown's S.T. Tattoo Studio in Venice (Suicidal Tendencies Tattoo).

Jarrett currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Wendy and German Shepherd, Ulla. His private gallery and tattoo studio, Solid Gallery One is located in South Hollywood. There Jarrett tattoos by appointment only and exhibits group and solo shows in the gallery. His tattoo studio exclusively hosts guest tattooists.


photo credit: Robin Perine

At Solid Gallery One, Jarrett welcomes the collaborative process between artist and client. He presents a spotless, one on one environment for his clients to achieve their vision. Jarrett enjoys working in and blending different tattooing styles as if able to speak different visual languages. Typically he works on large extensive pieces, but he'll welcome work of any size. His work spans skin, canvas or whatever he can get an image to adhere to. Jarrett strives to be an all terrain vehicle in all aspects of his life, and his art. Following the traditional formulas of tattooing, Jarrett constantly bends the rules to make something new and unique. He is committed to exceeding his clients expectations when it comes to creating work that is specific to them.

Jarrett's work has been featured in numerous publications, and Oxygen channel's Best Ink Seasons 2 and 3. He has done custom tattoos and/or commissioned artwork for such clients as: Busta Rhymes, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Type O Negative, Machine Head, Playboy, Darkstar Skateboards, and more.

Lover of any board sport, you will find Jarrett either on the mountain, at the park, or in the water when he's not with his family, at the drawing table or playing metal with his band. Jarrett does a tattoo convention about every two months, and his artwork is featured regularly in Southern California group art shows.

He has also participated as an artist in the international Art Fusion Experiment at Alex Grey's COSM in NYC.

Jarrett is currently painting for his solo show in the gallery.

please visit to check out more of Jarrett's work...






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SOLID GALLERY ONE Custom Tattoos & Fine Art / location: 334 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA. 90036 / tel: 323.939.3003 / e-mail: