WISDOM: new works by MAX NEUTRA



show runs JUNE 21st thru JULY 27th, 2008


Solid Gallery One proudly showcases new works by Max Neutra in "Wisdom"; a collection that features ink paintings of Native Americans on wood. In this collection, Neutra employs minimal palette, relying on bold shapes and paint splatters to create striking imagery. Along with his dynamic control of the brush, Neutra uses the natural grain of the wood to produce a feeling of movement consistent throughout the collection. The Wisdom series depicts Native Americans in a light that is truly compelling; each stunning portrait holding an undeniable sense of empowerment and unique identity. His technique, while appearing spontaneous or simplistic, demanded a sophisticated process, involving many steps to achieve. The results have yielded some of the "finest" artwork Neutra has produced thus far, and it is with great pride that Solid Gallery One can unveil this highly anticipated collection to the public.


Max Neutra is known for his "delightfully twisted" aesthetic and wild live painting shows. Fueled by his fascination with the physiological psychology of the creative act, he believes that artistic processes while informed by science, ultimately come from the unconscious limbic system of the brain and are mysterious. "The subject is just an excuse to paint the line. It's the line itself that speaks, and it always speaks the truth."

His first solo exhibition was at age 6. It was this show that he premiered "Mouse in a House" and "Man Peeing While Playing Drum". At age seven, his family moved from Pasadena, CA to a desolate shack in the middle of the dessert near Santa Fe, NM. Over the years, and under the influence of his father's collection of R. Crumb comics, Max developed a habit of drawing as an escape from the realities of the unfamiliar surroundings.

After Graduating from the Academy of Communication Arts and Technology (NM) in 1997, Max received his bachelors degree in the Sound Arts program at Expression Center for New Media (CA) in 2000. Continuing the theme of his education, Max composed electronic music in his closet while paying off his school loans by working as an Audio/Video Technician at the Four Seasons in San Francisco, and then at Warner Music Group in Los Angeles. It was only recently (2005) that he began to question and explore the true value and function of all the drawings in the margins of his meeting notes.

Today Max lives in Los Angeles, CA. After experiencing what he describes as a "true epiphany", he dropped everything in order to make as much art as possible.

"I have always done what I want to do, but this is the first time I am doing what I feel like I am supposed to do. There is a big difference. Doing what you want gives you a sense of freedom. It makes you feel like you are getting away with something, but doing what you are supposed to do makes you feel like you are living up to your part in the universal order."

Max describes his work as "Cold, still rooms where very human acts of passion and angst took place, leaving stains on the wallpaper. You might be able to piece together what happened from the clues left behind, but only I know what really happened. I wasn't merely a witness, I was the provocateur, and I get to keep the experiences, you can have the pictures."

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